7 can't-miss restaurants in anchorage
paste magazine, 11/4/2016
"the dishes are served tapas style and are meant to share, and all feature as much alaska produce, seafood and meat as possible."
at anchorage restaurant, fare for the outdoorsy set
new york times, 10/15/2016
"in alaska, a state that is home to plenty of backcountry adventurers, even the finest dining establishments maintain a casual vibe. south, which opened in may, is no exception. "
best new restaurant
anchorage press, 8/22/2015
"best new restaurant: south restaurant and coffeehouse"
serving up success
anchorage press, 6/25/2015
"your restaurants definitely promote citizenship and community. you feature local artists, toy drives, and even do special giveaways to encourage voting."

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